: Building Stage/Show Quality Metal Chimes for Seattle Rockers since February, 2023

Metal Chimes for the Working Band

Using "good enough" materials, builds tuned metal chimes for a small fraction of the cost of Symphony-Quality equipment. Our chimes are tuned to within a few Hz of target, are built to withstand the hustle/bustle of being transported from the garage, to the van, to the stage and back.

Suspended in a frame of Home-Depot-Quality fencing material, our self-centering, tuned steel pipes come in any key you request. You can also buy the "quick-change" design that will let your percussionist change from "C" to "F" while the audience is still applauding. Or you can set the 9 tones up as C, F and G chords, useful in most rock-n-roll situations

How much do they cost?

Well, without going into detail in this section it is pretty safe to assume that for less than $1K we will provide a chime set with:

  • Sturdy transportable frame
  • Support Stand with locking 3" casters
  • Top and bottom suspension to eliminate self-interference
  • 9 carefully tuned tones of your choosing (but not lower than C:4)
  • A pair of custom-built mallets
  • The ability to change out chimes.
  • Free repairs (within reason)

If you want a chromatic scale, it'll cost a bit more as the frame will be wider and there will be more tubes. Look for our "15" chimes on the Products page.

For an indefinite time, free pick-up is available from our West Seattle factory.

Still Interested? (Excellent!)
Take a look around and Contact Us to start the conversation.

In general, our 9 note and 15 note chime sets are mounted in an 45 inch tall sturdy metal frame and are supported by vertical support and 3" casters.. 9-note sets are approximately 36 inches wide and 15-note sets are 52 inches.

Why 9 notes?

Clearly, it's up to you but here is the thinking:
While a Major key has 7 named notes, playing a full scale needs its 'octave' (hence the "8") but playing any sort of song often needs the extra 'turn-around' key.

For example:

  • Play the Beatle's "Hey Jude" starting on the dominant of any key you want.
        Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
        Take a sad song and make it better.
        You'll never LET her into your heart
        without that 9th note to make it better
  • Or Cat Stevens' "Morning is Broken"
  • It's actually a VERY long list including Elmo's World and most Rock Classics.

And WITH your 9-note, major scale tubular bells you'll be able to play Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.

And so ...

So please wander around the site, and if you think we know what we're talking about, look carefully at our products, and contact us with any questions.
You won't be disappointed.