Metal Chime Frequency/Length Calculators

Length Calculator, starting with raw material.

We've two related calculators here. One will suggest how long to cut your metal tubes to achieve a particular frequency, where to position the hang-points, help you layout hanging wind-chimes and also provide cutting suggestions for efficient use of your raw material. This is the Chimes Calculator. It works by performing some arithmetic on your specified material and its inner and outer dimensions of your tubes.

Length Calculator, starting with existing chimes.

The "K" calculator approaches the same arithmetic backwards. By providing length and frequency information it will construct a frequency/length calculator, but we don't need to know the particular characteristcs of your material. This is good for repairing, tuning or augmenting existing chimes. It is also good for making tuned chimes from the stuff you have just sitting in the corner of the garage.

And, there's an advice/FAQ

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