The FAQs, just the FAQs

Until these are actually written, here are some topics you can surely ask about.

  • Clappers and Sails
  • Links and Apps
    if you're at all interested in the craft or physics of chimes, go here. Here, we regurgitate a poorly understood subset of what you can find over there.
    Android app. Frequency Counter. Free.
  • Self-Centering
    Rivets, Kayak Clips, Screws, welds
    Top only? Top/Bottom?
  • Calculator Stuff
  • Material
    • What we use
    • Where you can get "better stuff"
      • OnlineMetals
  • Our Tools (of course you can do this yourselves)
  • Why buy from us?
    • Because chimes are cool, and power-tools don't pay for themselves.