Wind Chimes Make Plants Happy

We're all familiar with the idea that talking to your plants makes them grow better, but the truth of the matter is not that they speak English but that they like a consistent atmosphereic resonance.

Anyway, hang a half-dozen wind chimes around your yard an you'll be amazed at how well your garden grows and how nice it is to hear music instead of the steel factory or the bridge noise.

We're happy to provide you with as many sets of four or five tuned tubes as you'd like. You can then get about making your own wind chimes and make your plants really happy. You help pick the notes and the tuned tubes will be mailed within a few days.

Aside: [Having spent a lot of time playing with cheap tuned wind chimes, we have quite a few suggestions should you want to talk about clapper ideas, clapper placement for worst resonance, sails, line proportions, etc. Someday they will be written down, but for now "Let's Talk".]

As with our other products, we try to balance quality with price and think you'll find these inexpensive chimes to be well worth the money. We've had great luck with Aluminum tones as well as the heavy steel we use on our larger products.

Our wind chime bundles will be cut to your desired tones and will be trimmed to your design (top only, or both top and bottom supported);

AND, if you're still reading this, you'd like to know more about clappers, sails, and top/bottom mounting please take a look at our FAQ.